Charity student, Becky Sharp (Kaileela Hobby at my performance)the poor daughter of an artist and a French opera singer has to make her own way into society, so she must be opportunistic…..The performers move smoothly among the many roles and audience is always aware of the limited chances open for women. I saw an understudy in the leading role of Becky, and I was very impressed by her masterly performance.
— -Mark Savitt
The strongest is Kaileela Hobby (Lady Capulet, Tybalt, Sister Joan and Peter), who shines due to her ability to bring multiple dimensions to each of her characters.
— - Tom Templeton(Times Union)
Hobby is simply terrific in all three of her roles, each one as different as possible - not easy to do when you realize that Caesario is only a role played by Viola.
— J. Peter Bergman
the Bard’s words in her performance were utterly natural.
— Keith Kibler